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We Keep Top Notch Materials

Highest quality materials provide highest quality products


A variety of high quality metals, including Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum and Brass.

In Addition, we use High Quality Brands that have proven durability and can with stand the hashes conditions.

 Dura Black and Aluma Mark


Several different colors and thickness for your specific type of application. Lamacoids are a UV-resistant acrylic-based laminate for applications that are both indoor and outdoor. They are available in 2ply and 3ply


A Variety of Acrylics in gloss, satin, glittered, neon and mirror


A variety of wood types, including Maple, Oak, Cherry, Alder and more.....


Engraving on Stone, Slate, Marble and Clay Bricks



We offer laser engraving and marking on almost any material.

From single piece, short runs to large volume requirements, 

Cutting Edge Laser Machines and Materials

Aids in us providing the best product to our clients, every time....


Cutting Edge Laser Machines

Lamacoid Samples

Durable, High Quality Materials

Acrylic cutouts

Custom Graphic Designs and Engraving Services

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